Tweets on 2011-02-28

  • Leaflethog in my Pod Delusion hoody listening to the Pod Delusion. Probably overkill. #
  • @moviemistakes is that (I have) read everything he's written. or (you should) read everything he's written! I'm prob waiting for paperback. #
  • Just missed the worst of the rain in this afternoon's well-attended campaign extravaganza. #
  • @dr_nick yup, still using ipod touch for podcasts. Always running out of space/battery on my phone. #
  • Doing the other sort of knocking up. You know, the printer/paper one, not the polling day one. #
  • @iaindale yes, it happened to me too. Delete the facebook app then reinstall it – eventually worked for me, but took 3 goes or so. #
  • @10anta Orange. Better now than it was last summer, but still struggles for data. #
  • @10anta where did you move t? #

  • First step in dessert for Tuesday's Pudding Club #

  • Amazing the dark colour the vodka has taken on after only a week or so of pickling the tarantula legs #
  • @CayoKath I'm actually making this: – it just looks like a tarantula in a jar. #

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