The week in tweets:

  • Oz and Hugh visit Leintwardine in tonight's show, apparently. I found last week's weird and uncomfortable. #
  • @rfenwick where to? #
  • Is it just my eyes or are these maltesers moving? #
  • So many red herrings! Helen? Road accident? Falling off Lower Loxley roof? #sattc #
  • Who is Amy? #sattc #thearchers #
  • RT @ceekayell: @alexfoster She is the vicars daughter, conveniently recently trained as a midwife <<< hahaha #
  • "That's a good idea" NO! NO IT'S NOT! I actually mind about Nigel and David! #sattc #thearchers #
  • RT @LonelyWonderer: Not the banner! #thearchers #sattc #
  • RT @corfmeister: RT @SidPerksGhost: I know what’s wrong with Helen; the babies cloven hoof is stuck! #Archers #TheArchers #sattc #
  • Yes, Nigel, crack open the bubbly and THEN go and get the banner in! #thearchers #sattc #
  • Maybe Tony strangles Helen with his bare hands? #sattc #thearchers #
  • RT @LonelyWonderer: DON'T GO ON THE ROOF!!! #thearchers #sattc #
  • Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep #thearchers #sattc #
  • Nigel is starting to sound very much like Mrs Overall's death speech. #sattc #
  • Annoyed by cover of Private Eye. Jesus was dead by 30 and wouldn't have had to repay tuition fees. #

  • RT @kathyclugston: RT @miche: Nigel Pargeter, pictured earlier: #
  • @agnt_orange fair amount of time thinking, anything from an hour a week to full time for writing and managing. Entirely up to you. #
  • @agnt_orange see also #
  • Oh, good grief, I thought Homeopaths without Borders was going to be a satire, but it turns out they're real. #
  • RT @dwbullock: RT @gusbbaker: My grandad gave me Bonnie Tyler's car for xmas. Awful present. Every now and then it falls apart. #
  • Loving the campsite method of roasting a chicken in a bucket as demonstrated on Hugh & Oz Raise the Bar. #
  • @owenblacker more evidence of the increasing urbanisation of the planet. #
  • Wants to watch Is It Just Me?: #

  • I rather like the new Virgin Atlantic ad. Not that I can afford to fly to the States any time soon! #
  • @TimHarford all the more astonishing when you consider someone created @henryarcher before the end of last night's broadcast #
  • Wants to watch Quantum Leap – Season 1: #
  • Wants to watch Quantum Leap – Season 2: #
  • Lolling @psythor's report request for @poddelusion. #
  • @Psythor "so, yeah, this 'rocket science' – it's hardly rocket science, is it?" #
  • Good grief, really? Seated eye height? Maybe this is why my shoulders hurt. #
  • @jimeasterbrook lots of issues around that confusion that occurs when your home is your workplace. #
  • Oh, gawd, please no, not another headache. #
  • @agnt_orange no, a reflection that the market was bizarrely skewed away from Lib Dem win, which is at least possible if not likely. #
  • @willhowells I have a box of food mouldering in the conservatory I just can't bring myself to eat. Must try harder. #
  • Trying to think: did yesterday's headache start shortly after shovelling a truckload of cheese into my cakehole, like todays? #
  • Yeah, alright Google, my hand slipped. No need to mock. "Showing results for savoury muffins. Search instead for saavoury muffins" #
  • RT @CharlotteGore: once pissed off editor of local paper, who printed my pic with the caption, "Special kind of crazy" <<< lol, no comment. #
  • Is it possible to get a reasonably priced mini-hifi with an iPod dock, a DAB radio and two aux inputs? #
  • I'm hungry. It's the middle of the night. My thoughts are turning to whether there might still be any supernoodles in the cupboard. #
  • Hitting all of the major foodgroups today: cheese AND supernoodles. #
  • @LloydieJL I hope you don't have some sort of moral / cultural objection to the humble supernoodle. #
  • Oh, erk. How can something so healthy-looking have 700 calories? #
  • Eek, it's down to -4 again this evening. I thought the cold snap was over. #
  • @hughmcguire cripes, how can this possibly be quicker than normal typing? #
  • Goodness me, it's cold. Still, the heating comes on in 8 minutes. And once again I've been up all night doing nothing useful. #
  • Well, I say "nothing". I have now finally finished writing Christmas cards. Must get them in the post. #
  • So… how long can you carry on eating the turkey from Christmas day? Still quite a lot left on ours. #
  • @eyupsharpy any thoughts about budget and cuisine? Expensive: French Living or Hart's or Sat Bains #
  • RT @eyupsharpy: Looking for a restaurant recommendation in Nottingham UK. any suggestions? #
  • @eyupsharpy mid-range Sinatra's, Le mistral, Petit Paris. Curry at Tamatanga or 4550 Miles from Delhi. Veggie at Squeek or Sumac. #
  • @eyupsharpy Cheap: Moulin Rouge Fish Bar, Royal Clay Oven, AYCE buffets on Parliament Street… #
  • @RatedRudeBoy yes I saw that and thought it was brilliant but narrator was all "oh, you don't get out much." #

  • Eek, The EVOO has Frozen! #
  • It's snowing again – feebly, but snowing. I thought we'd all had enough of snow. #
  • @agnt_orange assuming I'm a dullard πŸ™‚ #
  • RT @newsaboutwomen: Vodafone to make phones easier for women to use – << bet they're pink. #
  • "Cut into a pentagram" WIN! #
  • So. It seems I have to drive 200 miles on the day the MET Office says it's going to snow heavily everywhere along the route. #fml #
  • @A_C_McGregor best off going to the cllr that represents them – use to work out who. #
  • @agnt_orange #
  • Ooh, from his phonecall, sounds like someone's put @markpack in a lead box. #
  • @LloydieJL you need to see this: #
  • If some Tories hate coalitions so much, they might try winning a majority next time (h/t @lordbonkers) #
  • *sigh* the only thing between me and Inbox Zero (on one account at least) is 22 things I can't face doing. #
  • @LloydieJL probably, so long as it is not a audiobookplug πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ #
  • RT @ErikPetersen: PR phoned, said she was calling "from Philadelphia". Had to stop her 30 seconds in and ask if she meant city or cheese #
  • @LloydieJL I mean even book plugs might be OK if it's on eg Amazon and we can get referral fees. #
  • @mpntod are you not bothered they're under the misapprehension (?) that the taxpayer paid for your posters? #
  • @LloydieJL yeah, see if you can get @markpack to review it. Or write about this and obliquely refer to it. #
  • @LloydieJL Or actually we wouldn't mind just putting putting link in the "LloydieJL is…" b/anno section #
  • Bleatedly realising I have all the ingredients for spag carbonara. #
  • All kinds of awesome – precision timed shot of ISS and eclipse. Happened for under 1 sec. #
  • Eiderdown #lessambitiousfilms (well less ambitious than Black Hawk Down.) #
  • @helenduffett how mysterious. #
  • Watched Law Abiding Citizen: #
  • has been sent 2012: #
  • RT @VizTopTips: COMMUTERS. Convince traffic you were on 'Come Dine With Me' by riding a black cab home and holding up numbers. #
  • UKIP are "patriotic with a small p" – is that like bollocks with a small b? #
  • @jamesmcgraw I'm sure the cat is just as sniffy about your feet. #
  • @fentonstevens is it truly a day off or are you supposed to be learning lines? πŸ™‚ #
  • RT @journodave: I love pnemonics. They are beautiful. Beautiful. Big Elephants Are Useful To Indians For Uplifting Logs. #
  • … @journodave how about mnemonics? Many normal everyday men ought not idiotically crap spell? #
  • @doctorvee "follow me, follow me, pllllllsssss follow me, I never say anything interesting but I am X short of Y followers!!!!!!" #
  • @stephentall ooh, interesting job. Shame it's either four months or four years and four months at the wrong time. #
  • @stephentall and the person spec fits me! apart from "motivated" obvs. #
  • RT @stephentall: Fancy "an interesting compensation package"? > (ELDR) group wants a head of comms (@rfenwick?) #
  • @northernheckler see my subsequent tweet! #
  • @JChris_J it's not going to look that realistic unless there's also a camera crew and it's 4am! #
  • One man's plan to see 'Every film in 2011' #
  • @rfenwick @stephentall what… erm… An *aubergine* ? #
  • @stephentall it's not very seasonal. (@rfenwick) #
  • @rfenwick that's so headed for #hignfy #
  • @rfenwick did he make it or find it? #
  • @leighbob looks like it works! #
  • YouTube – Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets #
  • Die die die, you smug mustachioed piggie! (Stuck on the boss level quite early on) #
  • Why has Chrome started warning me that PDFs can harm my computer? #
  • Most annoyingly, how come with Chrome on one PC I can type wp or am then tab then search Wikipedia or Amazon, but not on another? #
  • Writing my first cheque of 2011. Concentrating on the date. #
  • . @kayray Maybe there are now eeeeeeeeeeeeevil PDFs out there! #
  • RT @flocktogether: #ldconf Fringe Meeting: @alexfoster added LDV Fringe on Mar. 12th at 8.00 pm – #
  • @helenduffett *biting tongue on reply* #
  • @helenduffett aha, was secret project to force Jeremy Ambache out of party and open up GLA vacancy? #
  • @duncanborrowman "Even Swype only offers cherie" sorry, what? eh? #
  • @thoroughlygood only with my "bursar" hat on – I've long since lost my personal chequebook somewhere in my house. #
  • Just popped out to sorting office with letter pile. Never knew you could get kebabbl so late.:-) (@ Uni Takeaway) #
  • Wondering why my electricity usage has more than trebled over this time last year (my heating is gas powered) #
  • Hmm. I think I maybe read the meter wrongly and entered the total figure instead of the night time only figure. #
  • @agnt_orange you need the irritating OMG I must wake up power of the Today Programme. Leap out of bed to silence Thought for Today! #
  • @agnt_orange Thrill at the annoying endless pointless questions from John Humphries #
  • @agnt_orange Ponder on whether it's homophobic to refer to Evan Davies as Tinsel Tits. ( #
  • The caterwauling outside has been going on for several nights now. Bumper crop of kittens expected this spring! #
  • @agnt_orange 6am – 9am. #
  • RT @fentonstevens: RT @4EverSteve: BBC News: HMV to close sixty stores. Is this the Vinyl Countdown? #
  • Wondering if Floella is the only Baroness with a range of ready meals to her name. #
  • Cat has been trying to catch one measly spider for twenty minutes. Just hurry up and eat it already! #
  • @LloydieJL but did they have the new square mugs? #
  • @LloydieJL Starbucks is rebranding but looks like I imagined the square mugs. #
  • Aah. When cat thinks I am not paying him enough attention, he stretches out and taps me on the arm. #
  • Hmmm nom nom, tapenade crusted chicken breasts. Teensy-weensy bit on the over-garlicky side. #
  • @markpack I note they don't think you're worthy of a bio. #
  • @newsaboutwomen No. HTH! #
  • @lordbonkers I've wondered for years if they actually get a record player, or just the discs. #
  • @doctorvee the trailers look ok #
  • RT @iaindale: RT @TomHarrisMP: I thought Reuters were novelists from Birmingham. #timvine #
  • Misreading a sentence. "The Lib Dems were always going to be outgurned on a national stage." #
  • @barton_of_notts is that the "18 Weeks" one? Would love to see a copy #
  • @jamesmcgraw it does seem to be a study in bad parenting and inability to communicate. #
  • @journodave it's STILL not an all time low! We were within the margin of error shortly after merger! #

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