Tweets on 2010-12-07

  • Ice Pattern On Conservatory Glass. Temp In Conservatory Around Zero. Brr! #
  • @jonxyz all of twitter! 🙂 #
  • The forecast for today said the MAX temp would be -5, and that seems to have been the case according to my measurements. (@ncclols) #
  • No, I'M MIKE CROCKART AND I RESIGN IMMEDIATELY! @willhowells @leamanchris #
  • I can't believe I'm setting out for an evening meeting on a day when my outside thermometer is pushing -9. #nottingham #
  • "Is your journey really necessary?" Lib Dem Group. Hmmm. #
  • After watching Frost / Nixon last night, wondering how long it'll be til Fearne Cotton interviews Clegg. #
  • Aargh. So busy putting on extra jumpers, I have yet again forgotten my work pass. #
  • Grovelling with security guard. (@ Loxley House w/ @nghodder) #
  • @NCCLols never works for me – I'm not enough of a bastard to be that notorious. #
  • @NCCLols plus the amount of jumpers, scarves hats etc, not sure my own mother would recognise me. #
  • City centre
    Pubs. Businesses, buses – all completely deserted. #nottingham #039;s a ghost town. #
  • Safely home and thoughts already turning to custard. #
  • RT @TVRav: Are you trapped in your car on the M8? Can you do a phone interview with ITV @Daybreak ? 020 7827 7229 #
  • Weather station reporting -11! New low! #
  • Human Santapede ho ho ho! #

  • Earlier today, I enjoyed a Cheese Moment at the bus stop. #
  • Oh, thank goodness for that. You CAN turn off horrid #newtwitter #
  • @dr_nick buy smaller cans. #
  • @dr_nick fresh custard is not hard or too long winded, it just requires having the fresh ingredients to hand. #
  • @dr_nick – interestingly it's still on the same battery as when installed. Now down to -12.2. Never worked w/ pc 😦 #
  • @dr_nick but if you're looking for a weather station apparently the best, priciest ones are made by Davis #

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