Tweets on 2010-12-06

  • @Psythor that's Peter "haven't the rich suffered enough" Mandelson, eh? #
  • This looks like an interesting thing to do in Paris. #
  • Possible Xmas day menu #
  • Since I learned about instant custard, I keep finding myself thinking "what can I have with custard today?" #
  • Finally watching Frost/Nixon. Really getting into it when DVD stutters and gives up during presumably crucial phonecall scene. #
  • @dr_nick sachets from supermarket. Own brand instant sugar free custard. #
  • @kayray and I bet your friend doesn't even have to watch irritating trailers and copyright notices. #
  • Taking it out and polishing it fixed everything. Worked for the DVD too. #
  • @dwbullock marriage equality is Lib Dem policy – hear my mini report God knows what coalition will make of it tho. #

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