Tweets on 2010-09-26

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Tweets on 2010-09-24

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Tweets on 2010-09-23

  • Ooh, there's a rather nice terrace overlooking the riverside. Bit late in week to be finding out tho. #ldconf #
  • Good grief, does Don Foster have any *new* jokes? #
  • Lib Dem #ldconf reps get to quiz three secretaries of state and a chief secretary. Wonder if they can all type. #
  • I know so many who've left already, so pleasantly surprised at how full hall is for final sesh. (@ Echo Arena Liverpool w/ @andyreeves) #
  • Looks like Adam Boulton has an entourage. #
  • @jamesgraham thanks. spent lunchtime gazing at that tie, now have to see again. Ps don't you mean fiancée? in reply to jamesgraham #
  • @ruddick thanks btw for pointing us at Baltic Fleet – had a great night last night. in reply to ruddick #
  • This is quite good: "10 things I've learned from the Lib Dem conference" – Andrew Sparrow << the 10 things are low down #

  • Me 'n' @helenduffett are putting the empty wheel out of its misery before heading home. #
  • We've been round 6 times! I don't think they're going to let us off until someone else wants to get on. #
  • @edfordham was the first the "who on earth" one? in reply to edfordham #

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Not too late to volunteer for multilingual blogging

Last week we posted an initial call for contributors to help Lib Dem Voice celebrate Day of Multilingual Blogging this Sunday.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, do please get in touch with me – <!–
document.write('‘ + sto_user + ‘@’ +sto_dom + ‘‘)
//–>alex – (this is spam bot hidden email address, replace .hat. with @ and remove for the real one)

Full details are in our original post here.

The old and the new parquet at Nottingham station

They’re renewing the parquet in the Distribution Hall at Nottingham railway station – a process that is taking weeks. It must be quite painstaking work. It does feel a bit of a shame – presumably the old wood saw a bit of history? I don’t know if they’re just replacing it or cleaning and repairing the old wood.
– Taken at 8:40 PM on September 22, 2010 – uploaded by ShoZu