Labour’s voting records

I’m a little bit freaked out that the Labour party have been quite so… open about their leadership election votes.

They have a website of how CLPs ((Constituency Labour Parties)) voted, and a separate table of exactly how each Labour MP and MEP voted.

It’s this way that we know that Milliband, D won a majority of votes from parliamentarians and Labour members, and Milliband, E edged ahead thanks to Union votes from signed up union members like, erm, Lib Dem MP John Hemming.

And it’s a little bit fascinating.

Here’s how Nottingham’s Labour MPs voted:

Graham Allen – DM 1, EM 2 – didn’t use all his votes, didn’t back the winner – what with working with the EVIL ALLIANCE to try and see his early intervention project through to completion, is his influence on the wane in the Labour party?

Lilian Greenwood – well, what a trooper, there’s someone who knows how AV really works. She used all of her votes – 5 (Abbott) 3 (Balls) 4 (Burnham) 2 (DM) 1 (EM). Full marks to Lilian, you backed a winner!

Chris Leslie – 5 (Abbot) 1 (Balls) 4 (Burnham) 2 (DM) 3 (EM) – oh, my goodness, how exciting! The only thing he and Lilian agree with (apart from sharing a constituency office, of course) is who they DON’T wan running the party. Leslie can count to five too, another promising sign.

Glenis Wilmott – oh dear! Another one who can’t count to five. Just voted Dave 2, Ed 1. Still at least she got it the right way round!

Constituency Abbott Balls Burnham Milliband D Milliband E Spoiled Cast Issued Turnout
Nottingham East CLP 27 33 25 152 75 1 313 538 58.2%
Nottingham North CLP 8 28 13 73 42 0 164 210 78.1%
Nottingham South CLP 28 27 16 112 72 0 255 373 68.4%

What to make of that? Apart from all three CLPs backing David and being thwarted. Lots of members compared to the Lib Dems, but looking a little thin Oop North. Admirably few spoiled ballots. Interesting balance of members East cf South, would never have guessed that.

But why, Labour, why? Why publish all this information?!


2 comments on “Labour’s voting records

  1. Darren Lewis says:

    Why publish it? Because we’ve learned that being open about leadership and ideals is a virtue not a vice.

    Your over laboured point seems to be people in the same party have different ideas who should be leader… and?

    I believe there are plenty of people in your party who would like to see a different leader too.

    Incidentally Lib Dems have equally good form for publishing similarly helpful information:

    I love the fact that 48% of Lib Dems polled don’t know who my MP (Stephen Williams) is or don’t have an opinion about him.

  2. niles says:

    It’s slightly odd to compare an official leadership ballot with an unofficial opinion poll of party members?

    Even then, LDV doesn’t publish how individuals have responded, at least not in identifiable way.

    We do publish the full list of transfers from AV – that’s here.

    My main purpose of writing the blogpost was to record the numbers for posterity, or at least put them somewhere I control, as I don’t imagine the Labour party will keep them on their website forever. Having done that, it seemed a little bald without some commentary.

    I suppose I’ll content myself with 48% of Lib Dem members across the country not stating an opinion on Stephen Williams when I know that 48% of people living in his constituency voted for him.

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