Jellies and blancmanges

Today’s Food Programme is talking about jellies, and how they should be revived.

Not sugar free sachet powder jelly (although when I’m being good dietwise, I often use these a free sweet). And not the wobbly superconcentrate blocks of coloured jellies.

More the homemade jellies set with gelatin or vegan seaweed based setting agents.

I’ve had a few goes at interesting things like this – and you can find the recipe for a strawberry / rosé wine jelly here.

I have also made a blancmange from scratch, but it seems that I haven’t ever written that up here.

There’s a picture of the bunny blancmange shortly before it fell apart:

Tonight's pudding club - homemade spicy blancmange (blackberry coulis not pictured)

And the recipe for this is over at Nibblous.


One comment on “Jellies and blancmanges

  1. […] It’s basically frozen blancmange. […]

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