Didn’t they do well?

So, the deal done has been published in full. LDV has the text, and there’s a helpful summary emailed to members which I’m sure I will be able to link to soon. (it’s here)

The agreement includes an awful lot of Lib Dem policies, including lots of versions of what appeared in our top 4: more money for disadvantaged children, lots on sustainability, lots on fairness in tax.

But just how this all works will only be revealed in the fullness of time.

And certainly many of us have grave concerns about what happens next. Can the Tory right really be kept happy with the agreement? And the Lib Dem left? and our own members?

We’re going to have to bite our tongues and wait and see. And we’re back to my call for patience – please don’t rush to judgement. Judge us on our policies


One comment on “Didn’t they do well?

  1. Ian Frost says:

    Yes the Lib Dem negotiators have done exceptionally well, in my view.
    Given the general election result who could possibly have imagined that Lib Dem MPs would be sitting in the Cabinet with the potential to wield more power and influence over Government policies than at any other time in recent political history. I believe that any Lib Dem activists that have the audacity to criticise Nick Clegg, the coalition with the Tories or any compromises that have to be reached in the national interests are just not seeing or thinking clearly about what has been achieved.

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