Tweets on 2010-05-07

  • @sarabedford you appear to be typing polling numbers into twitter, not into EARS! #
  • @milleniumdome @alexwilcock I'm always a little freaked EARS refers to "Undecideds" as UNDed. #
  • It was cute when the cat dragged toys under my desk to play with them. Much less so when he does it with chicken bones. #
  • Just seen that photo of Farrage – he was wearing a rosette in the plane! #
  • Ctte Room tv seems to be playing highly appropriate election-based Blackadder episode. #

  • I don't get to go to Nottingham castle, for me, I'm telling at a portakabin outside the prison. #
  • Cor, there's a queue outside the polling station. Longer queue in chippy thobut. #
  • Three people have asked now if a tick is ok. A cross is preferable but I'm sure a tick will do. #
  • Should've worn gloves. IN MAY!?! #
  • RT @ReadingAS: two very bright passes of the #ISS this evening, 21:25 and 23:01 – – too many clouds here #
  • Husband and wife: him "who did you vote for?" / "Conservative." / "I don't know you at all!" #
  • Packing my bags for the beeb. iPod. Phone. Chargers. Paracetamol. Caffeine. Antacids. Briefings. Spreadsheets. Manifesto. Thermal socks. #
  • Best of luck to all candidates tonight. Don't lose it at the count! And keep an eye on @libdemvoice 's night desk coverage. #
  • @helenduffett @earthcalling thanks! #
  • All through today people have assumed I'm being paid for Bbc gig. They're feeding me, and that's it! #
  • @qwghlm I hope you mean seats, not votes! in reply to qwghlm #
  • @lordbonkers I won't tell you what I misread perennials as, but it certainly caused a doubletake. in reply to lordbonkers #
  • @enitharmon surely not?! in reply to enitharmon #

  • RT @artesea: Election night set up<< aww #
  • Rats! Wifi worked in the green room and not in the studio. Will have to make up my own jokes if I can't get on Twitter! #
  • Dearie me, folks, I need *broadcastable* jokes. #
  • Nottingham Evening Post liveblog of election results: #
  • @dr_nick some people queued for 3 hours! in reply to dr_nick #
  • CAn't believe we cut away from Durham for Gordon! We know who'll win his seat! #
  • Ken Clarke wins Rushcliffe. No surprise there – but the Lib Dems have claimed 2nd place. Hopefully good news for next year's council battle #
  • Vernon Coker holds Gedling – the Tories will not be happy. And with the LD vote nearly doubling #
  • Rats. The Lib Dem vote in Gedling did not nearly double. I copied the wrong number into my book. NEed caffeine, folks! #
  • Recount in Ashfield! JAson Zadrozny FTW #
  • Recount at Broxtowe too. #
  • @NCCLols they're not allowed to say who between! in reply to NCCLols #
  • @ncclols at least it wasn't geldling! #
  • Erk, Lembit, nooo! #
  • We're about to hear from Nottingham North then popping over to Ashfield, where recount is "unofficial" #
  • "Word on the street – recount in Ashfield – there's 1,000 votes in it." RO declaring FULL RECOUNT. #
  • Eastbourne! Ray of sunshine. #
  • Distracted by guy at Witney count dressed as Jesus Christ. #
  • Jane Todd, get your act together! As returning officer, she nearly forgot to declare someone elected. #
  • @ncclols no, she forgot Lilian Greenwood. She read out all the numbers, but not "I declare X elected" #
  • Holding @joswinson's seat. Oh, thank goodness. #
  • Lillian Greenwood first woman to represent Nottingham City. That's pretty shameful in this day and age. #
  • By which I do mean, begruding congrats to Lillian Greenwood, all the best. #
  • Here comes Nottingham East… #
  • Come on Jane Todd, get it right this time. #
  • Chris Leslie holds Nottingham East. And the Lib Dems hold onto second place. #
  • Results coming thick and fast – Newark now, Ashfield very shortly. #
  • BBC made me turn off my phone. There's gonna be sooo many messages when I turn it on again. #
  • Listening to victory speeches across Notts. I do really strongly prefer a gracious winner. Most have not disappointed. #
  • @MarkReckons on the front page of the BBC news page? in reply to MarkReckons #
  • Ashfield declaring now #
  • AShfield is major major upset – but have we done it? #
  • Have they got TV waiting? #
  • Dagnabit, Jason misses out by about 150. He's put on 11,000 votes since last time. #
  • Can't wait for aunty's computer to calculate the swing for that. #
  • Aunty says Jason Zadronzy scored a 17% swing in Ashfield, but not quite enough. Anyone score more? #
  • Jason scored a higher vote than some winning Labour MPs. #
  • RT @politicshomeuk: Ashdown: My advice to people is go home and get sleep << I Wish! another hour on air. #
  • Oh, help us – are we going to have an East Midlands with no Lib Dem MPs at all? #
  • @Alexander_Ball congrats, your hard work paid off! in reply to Alexander_Ball #
  • Anyone know what's going on in Hampstead? #
  • BUcks? Brighton? Smaller parties? #
  • Slightly surprise Tory gain in Sherwood constituency, the last of the Notts seats to declare. #
  • Yay, Vince won Twickenham. Crumbs of comfort at this point. #
  • So that's the greens – woss goin' on in Buckinghamshire #
  • I'm having flashbacks to 1997 now. I was appalled the country let itself be deceived then too. #
  • Well. 6hrs on the radio went by in the blink of an eye. Not sure I dare go to bed. Dunno who'll be running country when I wake. #
  • @alexwilcock I'm sure he mentioned that on all his leaflets. in reply to alexwilcock #
  • Any news on Scriven? #
  • Our thoughts are with you @edfordham! Shine for us! in reply to edfordham #
  • Solihull? Bradford? Excellent! #
  • Solihull and Bradford – but such scary tiny majorities! Have we had Worcs West? #
  • @Alexander_Ball gah, even I resisted Tories=rain tweets! in reply to Alexander_Ball #
  • @ObiGrae can't think why you'd want to listen to 6 hrs, think you had to be there! in reply to ObiGrae #
  • We've gotta scotch all this talk of AV! #
  • @caronmlindsay Tessa in reply to caronmlindsay #
  • @antonvowl Iain Dale made predictions when the rest of us hadn't a clue. So, many of them were wrong. meh. #
  • @caronmlindsay ooh, Lorely and Lynne too, now that I think about it. in reply to caronmlindsay #
  • @iaindale I'll hold a towel at one end. in reply to iaindale #

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