So what awaits us tonight?

I’ve been relieved from my duties telling by the Late Nite Knockup Team, so I’ve had time to dash home and try and warm my hands back up from two hours in the gloaming outside Nottingham Prison.

As I might have mentioned, I’ve been booked to go and talk about election results on BBC Radio Nottingham from midnight til 6am, so I’m preparing myself mentally for that.

I’m not convinced it’s a good idea: I do tend to get weepy and morose once things come to an end. University shows always used to end in cast parties, when I didn’t necessarily behave. Past elections have left me tired and grumpy, and even when we win, I struggle to be nice to colleagues. And now they’re taking me when I’m at my weakest and putting me in front of a microphone.

Listen live here!

And what will I say? My experience is that turnout has been high and the competition has been fierce. There have been lots of young and new voters, but I’m not sure anyone knows which way they’ve been voting.

The exit poll is just reading out the results – 307 Con, 259 Lab and 59 LD. Exit polls are often wrong. Let’s hope for at least as many Lib Dem MPs as we had last time. Nottingham’s Prof Phil Cowley has just said he’s very sceptical and that exit polls are not good with the smaller parties.

And let’s not forget that a few months ago naysayers had the Lib Dems on under 40 seats.

(And that typing has not been enough to warm my hands up. Should I take gloves and thermal socks with me to the beeb?)


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