Tweets on 2010-04-23

  • I haven't done enough laundry lately and I'm running out of clean clothes #nickcleggsfault #
  • Wanna be in the sun (@ Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave) #
  • I just became the mayor of Top Secret Lib Dem Print Cave on @foursquare! #
  • I just unlocked the "Super Mayor" badge on @foursquare! #
  • Getting to the end of a print run before noticing my artwork appears to have accidentally a word out. #
  • OMG, that's a humdinger of a question. #
  • @dr_nick it will be on iPlayer (you could even watch it live in iPlayer) in reply to dr_nick #
  • GB "I invited all these people in to help with governing Britain." Yes, and they ALL backed away when they found out what you were like. #
  • The sound keeps cutting out for a few second. Strangely, only when it's Nick speaking #nickcleggsfault #
  • Cripes – #BBCR4 is switching immediately to "how Nick Clegg won" #
  • "political reporters from the Tory-backing papers were called in one by one" #
  • 956 people have downloaded a poster. Will you be one of the ones to make it 1,000? #
  • @A_C_McGregor will pick you up tomorrow around 12/1pm if that's ok? #
  • @A_C_McGregor yup in reply to A_C_McGregor #
  • @A_C_McGregor Me'n'mate driving up to Ashfield for an afternoon for campaigning with Jason Zadrozny in reply to A_C_McGregor #
  • @A_C_McGregor no probs, see you Sun? in reply to A_C_McGregor #
  • RT @NottinghamNews Nottingham celebrates St George's Day on Friday (April 23) with a two-day programme of events #
  • Additional to what the council is organising, bellringers across Notts will be ringing at 6pm in the evening to celebrate St Georges Day #
  • Help the Guardian decide to dispence with the nosepeg this year and support the Liberal Democrats #
  • Gridlock on the streets of Arnold today, #
  • Discussing report with very encouraging news about falling sickness absence rates. (@ Notts Fire and Rescue HQ) #

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