I’m on this week’s Pod Delusion

I have a piece on this week’s Pod Delusion talking about the ins and outs of election addresses, a very specific type of leaflet the political types get to use during general and euro elections. You can hear it here.

I thought they were a top secret scary organisation of highly sceptical people, and that I’d need an invite or something before getting involved, so I was a bit nervous about approaching them with material. Turns out their lead guy is really nice and welcoming and was really happy to have stuff sent to him. So if you’ve been pondering contributing, go for it!

The other thing to record, I suppose, was that I tried to do that speaking from notes thing – plan roughly what you say, then sketch the notes out, then speak. I’m not very good at that. I prefer to write things out in full then do an almost cold-read of that. I have found – from Librivox – I’m reasonably good at putting meaning into a text on a cold read. One day, I’d love to have a go at an autocue. Mind you even if I could do that, I’d still have a face for radio!

Hopefully there’ll be another piece from me on Pod Delusion before the general election concludes on the ins and outs of how Polling Day works.


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