Tweets on 2010-01-24

  • Nation's worst speeding offenders are in East Dunbartonshire (@joswinson πŸ™‚ #
  • Nearly stamped 500 letters stuffed by volunteers last night. #
  • With new Miracle Lurpak you can roll shortcust pastry for your pie. When it comes out of oven, it's magically puff pastry! #
  • @radclifd his'n'hers matching wedding specs?! in reply to radclifd #
  • RT @mawawa: New cake shop on Heathcote Street having secret opening this afternoon. << ooh… #
  • @VampyrKitten heh, have you met @realsheriff ? Pub is also near another (better!) pub called Robin Hood! in reply to VampyrKitten #
  • Now all the envelopes are finally stamped, kitteh can get some lap time. #
  • Bwuhahahahah! However did this make it to print?! (<- and I've NEVER put out FOCUS with cod latin on it πŸ™‚ #
  • A Beginner's Guide To Palmistry #
  • Just checking @lordbonkers is aware of #shroptweetup. #
  • @ncclols I voiced my concerns re @savestonebridge at planning committee last year. No party line as yet. #
  • Don't think I'll be posting 1000 letters one at a time, tvym Royal Mail. #
  • Trying to make gnocci, but my mash is pretty lumpy and my scales have flat battery. Could be heading for disaster. #
  • Ps, a dough made of mashed potato and flour? That's in no way gonna leave a sticky mess the dishwasher can't shift. #
  • @philipfh somewhere there's a shiny set of posh balance scales, but not sure there's weights. We count bundles on the folding machine πŸ™‚ in reply to philipfh #
  • Love the photos from Flickr's "Sound of Silence" blog post #
  • @willhowells doncha get tired of Fringe being no more than "Something weird happened" / "That reminds me of an experiment I did once… oh" in reply to willhowells #
  • @willhowells SPOILER ALERT! πŸ™‚ no, but, erm, it develops a little after its MOTW phase and it's worth sticking through that πŸ™‚ #
  • @willhowells PS I still haven't seen second Dr Who spesh if you wanna spoil that #
  • Cher Twitter followers, I am checking Bitly referrer rates and you're not clicking my links enough. They're carefully selected – click'em! #

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