Poster problems

Oh, three things make me wince about this doctoring of a billboard from m’friend Milliennum Dome, Elephant.

millennium poster

Two issues for the Tories, and one for us.

The first for the Tories – well obviously this terrible billboard has spawned all manner of imitations, with the help of Just too easy to parody. And perhaps it’s just me, but the willingness of people to subvert the message says a little something about the mood of the country, no? Very few people actually want a Conservative government, even if countless thousands are now thoroughly fed up with a Labour one.

The second for the Tories. A white background? Are you mad? Did you learn nothing from the 2005 campaign?

It’s just far too easy to graffiti!

All that white space, right next to a controversial statement, is pretty much an incitement to cause criminal damage, don’t you think?

At least the last time we did billboards, ours had black backgrounds. Anyone wanting to graffiti them had at least to go home to fetch a pot of white paint first.

Must remember to ask m’friend Duncan whether that was an intention of design when they were created.

Anyway, finally, the wincing point for the Lib Dems:

millennium poster detail

Our funky new colour – chosen apparently because campaign staff responsible for designing our leaflets wanted a wider range of colours to choose from without creating the sort of leaflet that has occasionally been branded “an explosion in a paint factory” – our new colour is EXACTLY the same as one that appears on all the Tory posters. Stick to the hues of gold, eh chaps?


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