Tweets on 2009-08-26

  • Intrigued to find supermarket carrier bag stuffed into car fuse box. The problem? Or some mechanic's previous solution? #
  • Meh. More rain. #
  • Me and my injured hand are out again, now in blazing sunshine. #
  • @Meryl_F blood blister. Could easily be worse. in reply to Meryl_F #
  • Loving Flickr's take on a classic war propaganda poster #
  • Downloading something from the Lib Dem extranet entitled "Headling Beafing" #
  • Grr. Skype no workie. #
  • @ollybenson Purdah – PS have you seen what happened to your tweet through the @erections account? #
  • RT @DrSamuel JohnsonCalumny as the combin'd Oiks of MILLWALL & WEST HAM meet for a Fight, and a Football-Match breaks out #
  • @dommather well if you have friends on Skype it costs nothing to join and talk to them so you might as well give it a whirl! #
  • @DrSamuelJohnson Enjoy Nottingham! in reply to DrSamuelJohnson #
  • @jonxyz I've seen the name before (via you?) but he was also on the hilarious @erections account which I've been talking about on Skype #
  • Anyone know if there's a "twitter degrees of separation ap" ? #
  • RT @markpack New post: Are Microsoft photoshopping out black faces in Poland? #
  • @owenblacker Bunnies aren't just cute like everyone supposes #
  • The garage phoned. The plastic bag is puzzling but apparently serves a purpose; the fault can't be traced but It Works Now. #
  • Where can I get a bit more detail about the high speed rail proposals – without the full report? Route? London Terminus? Links to network? #
  • Intrigued to see that it's not just islands where they drive on the left. How do they manage at land borders? #
  • Yesterday, I foolishly told a parent that I thought the summer holidays had passed in the blink of an eye. That had not been her experience #
  • @owenblacker rats, you've got me singing it now too. "They got… The mustard… Out!!!" #

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