Tweets on 2009-08-25

  • Buying a jump starter gizmo and starting to think seriously about replacing the car. #
  • So, sky, have you really stopped raining or are you just pretending to have stopped? #
  • has been bitten by a gate whilst leaflethog #
  • Yes, leafletHOG. Grrr. Now here comes the rain. #
  • Oof. Feeling tired. One more bundle to do and a punishing schedule to maintain to get Jul/Aug FOCUS out in Jul/Aug. #
  • Someone's left shards of broken mug in a parking space – that would not be good for a tyre! I'll put'em in bin. #
  • Cornershop roulette… I sure fancy a can of Coke right now but will it lead to me getting caught short before I run out of leaflets? #
  • Just leafleted a house where a man was doing singing exercises. #
  • @tonytheaker doesn't everyone? Housework is such hot work! #
  • Goodness, Mad Men gets serious at the end of Season 1. Happy thanksgiving, Don, Peggy. 😦 #
  • Oh, @kayray, what a sorry tale of gardening! #
  • Tow truck man flummoxed! Car still not starty. Steering locked. He recommends Mercedes. Don't think my budget goes that far. #

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