Tweets on 2009-06-05

  • Some tips for voters today: you do not need your poll card to vote (but it speeds things up. Polls open 7am-10pm. #
  • If you had a postal vote but haven’t returned it yet, you can take the ballot paper that came in the post to your local polling station. #
  • Oy vey, I have no stamina these days! #
  • Oh dear. Incomprehensible TV babble abounds. May have to cull the follow list til end of whatever tosh it is you’re all talking about. #
  • Eek. Sports hall has motion sensitive lighting which just turned themselves off. #
  • About 200 of up waiting for final announcement about turnout. #
  • RT @TomattheChad: I’m going to be tweeting the County Council election results live from County Hall in Nottingham throughout the day. #
  • @ramptops *I’m* not doing live coverage, @tomatthechad is. I’m just watching from home and crossing my fingers for the Nottingham tram. #
  • The Mansfield Chad’s coverage of the county elections is whupping the ass of BBC and Nottingham Evening Post. Put them in charge everywhere! #
  • Heh… #
  • Hmm, @libdemlocalgov appears a lab hold announced already, so RSN? But yesterday staff weren’t expecting results within business hours. #
  • “Hour-long World at One today to cover the deepening political crisis.” #bbcr4 #

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