BBC national projected vote share

Interesting set of vote share results from the BBC based on the first few hundred council seat results, where they are giving the following numbers:

Lib Dem – 28% (2005: 28% 2008: 25% )
Tory – 38% (2005: 31% 2008: 44%)
Labour – 23% (2005: 33% 2008: 24%)

Labour’s result is one of the lowest they have ever seen.

The context of those old results is all important. Labour have plumetted 10% from the last time these seats were contested, with the loss of the general election day boost hitting them as hard as the political climate.

The Tory vote share has actually fallen from last year, despite this bunch of largely county councils is typically fertile Tory territory. That said they have seen a significant increase over 2005.

For the Lib Dems, we’re on no change since 2005, but with an improved showing over last year.

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