Tweets on 2008-10-28

  • Watching outdoor temperature plummet (now 0.4 deg C) and feeling hugely grateful boiler man got here today! #
  • @alanfleming wrist straps? #
  • Temperature at the bottom of the garden has been as low as 0.2 but has now risen again to 0.5. No FREEZING KLAXON tonight 😦 #
  • -0.2 deg c! Awooga, Awooga! #
  • Eek, 13 messages waiting on my answerphone! #
  • Hehe – Lab council leader wants to be my friend on Facebook. He has 5 friends so far! #
  • Colder still tonight – is already -0.8 deg c #
  • ooh, ooh, -2.7 now. Checking out of window for snow on cars, but it turns out it’s just one of those Minis with a white roof. #

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