Don’t read this unless you use Twitter and WordPress

WordPress bloggers who use Twitter have known for some time that you
can use the plugin Twitter Tools to reproduce your twitter content into your blog in one daily mindump at a time of your choosing.

You can also use Twitter Tools to point twitter readers at your blog whenever you write a new post – which has been controversial for some. My view is that it’s probably OTT for those who still blog multiple times a day, but ideal for the many of us who used to, but who now twitter many times a day instead and blog only infrequently. The practice was annoying back in the day when tweets arrived as SMSes and you couldn’t do much about it from your phone, but now that Twitter have removed this function far more people are reading Twitter from a computer.

But the aha! moment I had last week which prompted me to write this piece was an interesting bit of additional functionality you can get from adding in the plugin KB Linker to the mix. KB Linker scans your blog post texts for key phrases and inserts a link.

It’s fully configurable, so you choose your key phrases and the links they generate. At LDV, we have a full list of all Lib Dem MPs and other representatives, so that whenever one of our correspondents idly tosses in a name, the site automatically plugs their website.

Using KB Linker and Twitter Tools means you can have a system where key words in tweets can become links by the time they make it into postings on your blog – without having to use awkward tinyurls and so on.

You could use this to direct blog readers to useful posts or pages on your own site which unpack some of your shorthand. For example, councillor bloggers could point the word “ctte” to a posting explaining which committees they serve on and what they actually do.

You could use it for SEO, and point regularly occurring twitter words at sites that need a little Google boost.

You could even use it to link a hashtag to the hashtag-summary page on Twemes. And hope that the world doesn’t explode in a massive mess of Web 2.0 self-referential geekery that vanishingly few people will actually understand.


One comment on “Don’t read this unless you use Twitter and WordPress

  1. Hendrik says:

    You can see what influence your tweets have on your follower-count with my little Twitter-Mashup – tweet-rank. The chart of your follower-development can also be integrated in your blog, because it is a wordpress-plugin. Give it try and tell me what you think or how I could improve it.

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