Tweets on 2008-09-30

  • Pah. Suddenly remembering the Jaegermeister in the freezer and wondering if it will work as cough mixture as well as you’d think. #
  • Now coughing a sickly sweet secret blend of herbs and spices. #
  • @meryl_f eek! (taking photos? 🙂 #
  • Neologism of the day: Brushling (=Broxtowe, Rushcliffe & Gedling districts) #
  • Hmmm. This sounds like Diana Krall covering “I can see clearly now the Rain has gone” at half tempo. Surely not?! #
  • Mentally making up smutty jokes about the woman in Thornton’s brandishing an Archimedes Screw. #
  • Sitting in retail park slightly longer than strictly necessary to watch people trying to fit dining suite into small car. #

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