QR codes

QR code of http://www.alexfoster.me.uk/The nerd in me was very interested to read about QR codes on Martin Tod’s blog.

A bit of tinkering around, and I’ve found a program my Nokia e65 can use to read the 2-dimensional barcodes, and a website where I can generate the barcodes, and I’m away.

Happily, the barcode reader can also read the Data Matrix format, so I’m not tying myself to one format in a Betamax moment. Irritatingly, QuickMark makes a noise whenever it has successfully decoded something. It’s a good job you can turn that off.


3 comments on “QR codes

  1. Swampthing says:

    Try the Neoreader.

    It reads, QR, DM, Aztec, along with 1D codes such as EAN and UPC.

    The option to read 7-10 codes by end of 2007 was not announced yet.

    Still waiting on confirmation.

  2. […] Martin Tod got excited about QR codes a couple of years ago, I got excited too. It looks like an interesting technology that has got to have some fun application that I can do […]

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