How quick is google?!

Earlier this evening morning I wrote about QR codes.

Then I googled “Nottingham QR codes” to see if there are any hereabouts I can go and practice on rather than just making my own.

My own blog post was already third from the top!

What does this mean? Are there really very few sites about this? Is my amateur unwitting SEO really ruling so well?  No wonder people want links on my site!

Today, I have also been googling Nottingham cowboy boots and found that the cowboy boot shop that used to be opposite the station has not closed, as I feared, but in fact moved round the corner. This might be dangerous knowledge.

One comment on “How quick is google?!

  1. robert says:

    I think google tends to push sites which have recently mentioned a subject to the top of its search list – I’ve seen it with my own blog – give it a couple of days and your site will be somewhere on page six!

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