More double dactyls

Having infected all around with me finger-tapping scansion seeking, I’ve spent the last hour having fun in the comments on Kathryn’s blog – new baby-wrangling has led to thinking-time a-plenty, and she started off both G&S double dactyls, to which I have contributed…

Freddy’s apprentic’d til
Reaching maturity
That’s what he thought.

Birthday’s a leap year day
‘Prenticeship lasts until
After the war

(Kathryn’s Iolanthe one is much better)

…and new-baby double-dactyls, which allowed me to try a particularly vile poo-based neologism:

Crippity Crappity
Zachary Caple-san
Likes to feed slowly so
Mummy can’t type

Her patience rewarded by
Mummy is left with a
Bottom to wipe

I’m quite chuffed with that one – but a more revolting poo-based one comes from this website:

Enteric Water-loo by Roger Lee Robison:

Vibrio cholerae,
Spread by excreta in
Water supplies,

Roils the intestines with
Practice good hygiene, or
Cork it, you guys.

Same website also has one about Sisyphus, confirming to me that when I used the word “sisyphean” in a budget speech on the council, I was talking about what I thought I was. Which is always reassuring.

Rock ‘N’ Roll by Roger Lee Robison

Stone-Pusher Sisyphus
Twice cheated Death, but then
Learned who was boss:

Sentenced to Hades for
Rolled a stone uphill, just
Gathering dross.

And of course, don’t miss Rosie’s well finessed lines in the comment to the last one of these posts.


2 comments on “More double dactyls

  1. Kathryn says:

    Faeco-exuberance – brilliant!

  2. […] double dactyls in 2008, which is a rather horrifyingly long time ago. I blogged here, here and here on the […]

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