Exciting new internet thingy

Sandy - your free personal email assistantFor the last few days I have been playing with a new productivity tool that excites me almost as much as Wildfire used to. Sandy is a sort of PA who you can talk to via email and Twitter in almost-human language. She takes notes, makes appointments, builds to-do lists and keeps track of your diary. She sends a note every day (irritatingly formatted in Comic Sans) and special reminders for individual things if you ask her to. Because you can talk to her by twitter, you can send her a message whenever you need to by text. The thing looks like it works quite well. You can even use it to work with other people. It’s not finished, and the developer team are still adding features. I think what I like best is the idea of having Samantha from Bewitched helping me remember what I’m supposed to be doing.


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