LGBT history month

A link on the City Council’s intranet site reminds me that it is LGBT History Month, and points out some useful information about what’s happening in Nottingham.

The Rainbow Flag will be flying from the Council House from tomorrow until the 18th Feb (must remember to bring camera in with me to committee).

There are exhibitions – one in Waterstones from 12 – 17 Feb and one in the Angel Row library from 18 – 29 Feb.

But much more interestingly, there was a link to a website I previously hadn’t found, which says that a Nottingham LGBT history group has been awarded over £40,000 to do some research and create an archive about gay history here in the city.  To that end, there are some fascinating pages on their site for every decade since 1967. Lots of interesting information about historical venues in the city, the wider campaign for gay rights, and some nasty spats with the City and County Councils.  The link to the pages is from the “themes” page.


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