Faustus for President

Forget the woman or the black guy for US Prez, I’m voting for (newly engaged) Faustus, aka Joel Derfner.

Derfner has the sort of back-catalog that almost assures a person of great office in the States:

Gay Haiku Swish: My Quest to Become the Gayest Person Ever

He is, significantly, the only presidential hopeful to have commented on my blog.

Seriously – I watched, open-mouthed, some of the coverage of the Iowa caucus, and some of the reactions of candidates afterwards. Barack don’t impress me much. I just know that Clinton will get strong anti-reactions from anyone who isn’t already a Democrat, and opens an easy line of attack campaign – who ever thought that a Clinton would be back in the Whitehouse? There are enough people in the States for whom Clinton is still a bad word, balanced budget or no. Actually, the best performer on the night struck me as Edwards, so I’m plumping arbitrarily for him. (Even though he didn’t cross my radar at all as vice-presidential candidate in ’04, and I couldn’t name him last month when someone asked who was Kerry’s running mate… And it just took me two goes to remember his first name…)

Hmm, I have tried to add a banner to this post, and something keeps eating it. Specifically, a rogue line of code

style="display: none"

is stopping it displaying. Mysterious. Clearly WordPress hates John Edwards.

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