News for nothing

I’ve been reading lots of my local newspaper today as part of our press monitoring process, and it seems to have been a slow week for news.

As I was getting into it, I was highlighting non-stories in the political field to my colleague in the Lib Dem office this afternoon.

Some of the stories included “X Party delivers leaflets – campaigners for B MP in the Y constituency say they will deliver 40,000 leaflets in the coming months. This comes after many local people have received information from the Y party’s new PPC.”

Erm wow. Delivering leaflets is news now?

It continued with other stories in similar veins – little snippets of politico’s daily lives in the paper, and we regaled each other with articles.

Then we went home. About 10pm, I got a call from my colleague who had just picked up today’s paper, and had to share a story he found, under the headline “Chat to councillor” – Cllr C will be holding a surgery in a library at $day, $time. Cllr D will not be a holding a surgery in January.

Hold the front page.


2 comments on “News for nothing

  1. DAH says:

    Although details of how you can talk to your local councillor are useful things to have in a local paper, even if they don’t strictly qualify as news.

  2. niles says:

    Yes, that’s true. I’m sure we like to think of ourselves as people who are easy to contact, but republishing our contact details and how to contact us can only be helpful.

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