Youtube hustings – where are the women?

As you’ll know if you’ve been near a telly or a radio recently, the Lib Dems are engaged in a leadership election right now.  In order to let the 70,000 members who get to make the decision on who the next leader will be, we have hustings where both candidates set out their stalls, and people ask questions to check which candidate thinks the right things.

Those hustings are taking place up and down the country.  There was one in Derby recently that I attended with a hundred other local Lib Dems – but there are still many more around here and in many other places up and down the country that won’t have the opportunity to quiz the hopefuls in person.

So, the party has been innovating, and finding new ways for people to quiz the contenders from the comfort of their computers.  There’s a plain text forum, but more excitingly, there’s a Youtube hustings going on.

Chris Rennard made a video inviting people to film themselves asking questions of the leaderships candidates:

As I write, 14 men have videoed their contributions.  (I’m assuming that the question about whether Spiderman could beat Darth Vader – with Darth allowed to use his light sabre – came from a man, but I’m open to correction.)

But no women have asked a question.  Which begs a question all by itself!

PS – Spiderman vs Darth Vader – that is tough!  Darth Vader has the Force, his light sabre…  What does Spiderman have?!


5 comments on “Youtube hustings – where are the women?

  1. Linda Jack says:

    This is the normal ratio! I would ask a question but I don’t have a video, will see what I can do!!!!!

  2. Hmm.. I think Spider-Man would probably win. They’d fight for a bit then Darth would fall out of a window or off a cliff in some ironic twist where one of his own attacks backfires. Spidey would obviously try to save Darth, no doubt by grabbing at his helmet, which would be unfortunate.

    As for why there’s no women contributing questions… I think there’s less of us getting actively involved with Lib Dems on the internet, and the ones that are may well find the idea of uploading a video quite terrifying!

    Here’s one.. Cavemen versus Astronauts…

  3. James Graham says:

    You’re having a laugh. Spidey will have thwipped that lightsaber out of Vader’s mitts before the Dark Lord can even get close. And the Spidey sense counters Vader’s Force Sense so don’t give me that crap about “Ani” being able to sneak up on Parker either.

  4. Not quite sure what your question is:

    If it’s ‘Why aren’t women posting on the You Tube video thingy’? The Alix on The People’s Republic of Mortimer answers that quite effectively…

    However, a more interesting questions is ‘Why are our attempt’s to engage the memebers and voter in the leadership election via the internet only working with men not women?’

    Mark makes a good point about diversity on Alix’s response. But, in terms of communication and engagement, it is up to us to go to the women not up to the women to come to us; that’s if we’re really serious about wanting them involved.

  5. niles says:

    Thanks for the responses.

    Linda – if you have a mobile phone with a camera, you may well have all you need in order to post a video to Youtube.

    Jo – thanks for the pointer to Alix – the post you’re talking about is here. There are indeed some good points there, not least that Alix’s response to the idea was “Oh, what a waste of time” whilst mine was “Oh, that sounds cool!”

    Alix makes a point that she would rather deal with text than video. And there are certainly some women represented in the online forum-based hustings. So that’s a bit better.

    And there’s something for women directly on the Women Lib Dems site.

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