Halloween costume

Just remembered – I haven’t updated my loyal readership on the thorny issue of my Halloween costume.

A brief visit to a costume shop, and something jumped out to me as a suitable costume for a person with a beard – a werewolf:

Werewolf costume

I accessorized the costume with goth spiky leather bracelets and neck straps, wore brown facepaint and made lines on my face with eyeliner.  I had hairy hands as well as face.
The invite to the party stipulated that people without facepaint would not be allowed in. But there were a variety of different costumes there from some barely dressed up to some very ornate and scary affairs. And our host really went to town with the decorations, covering every downstairs wall and ceiling with black binbags, and decorating the house with various glow-in-the-dark skeletons and other gouls and eyeballs.


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