Photo uploads

I have uploaded some more photos to Flickr. Firstly, the pics from our Norwich holiday in May, which have been languishing on my computer untouched for months. A boat trip on the Broads, an afternoon in Walsingham, and an eery fog that engulfed the chicken farm we camped on all feature.

Following on from that, photos of our choir week in Hereford – mainly long-lens candids in the pub, but also the official photos of all of us in our cassocks, taken using a tripod and a time delay, so I’m in some of them too. And because I was at home, there are also too many parents of Ellie, my aged parents’ aged cat.

And then later some photos from our weekend in Ipswich last weekend – more particularly our afternoon on the beach in Aldeburgh.


I have a new camera – my first digital SLR. I do like have the extra control, and seeing the machine focus for you. Some of what I learned using an old manual SLR has been useful with the new camera, but the amount of control you now get is great. Changing the sensitivity of the “film” at a key press is great. And instant feedback on whether the settings you used worked or not is fantastic. No more having to wait days to see whether you wasted another whole roll of film.

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