Interesting cycling challenge

A panel on the City Council that I’m a member of has been in discussions with our transport department, and Pedals, our local cycling advocacy group.  In early September, councillors have been invited to join officers and local cyclists on bikes around Nottingham city centre to look at good cycle facility design – and also some not so good.

I’m definitely interested in taking part, but I don’t own a bike.  Not only that, but even if I did, I wouldn’t really know what to do with it.  I can’t cycle.  I never quite figured out the balancing thing as a child.

One early way around the problem that was discussed was to use a cycle rickshaw. That would almost work, but would make me feel ever so lazy.  Councillor Lord Muck.  I think it’s also been ruled out as an option, but I’m not sure why.

I’m not averse to learning to cycle.  It would be a good way of getting more exercise, and P has long been talking about getting a bike, and reminiscing of cycle days out in Clumber Park,  and also closer to  home.  However, I’m chary about buying a bike if I’m not ever going to be able to figure out the balance.

I also live halfway up one of the highest hills in the County which is a a major disincentive to getting on a bike.  In theory, getting into the city would be great – I push the bike to the top of the hill, then coast down the cycle path on the Woodborough Road all the way into the city centre.  Getting home again would be rather more of a challenge.  And we also don’t currently have anywhere convenient at home where bikes could live.

One last plan of action is that I’m in discussion with Pedals to see whether I could borrow a trike for the day.  In the longer term, though, a trike would be even harder to store at home.  And they look, ahem, ever so slightly nelly. Even with a big hairy biker on them.

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