Better at starting things

I am definitely better at starting things than finishing them. Two years ago, I almost started a diet.  What I actually did was set up a fancy spreadsheet to record my weight loss. Then found the whole thing about actually reducing my calorie intake was a bit mind-numbing, and got no further.

I am increasingly aware however, that tackling my weight problem is something I should take seriously, so fired up the spreadsheet and recorded a second entry.

I can tell you that in 729 days, I have gained 4 kilos. Which could be a great deal worse, I suppose.

A cixen on Flickr has come up with the bright idea of photographing absolutely everything she eats, and the results are posted to a group.  They’re certainly striking.  And they make her think hard about every single thing she puts in her mouth, since she has to reach for her camera before eating.  I wonder if she goes hungry if she forgets to pack her camera before heading for work.

One comment on “Better at starting things

  1. Will says:

    I used to do that on a side bit of my blog, and got really rather ribbed about it. It did turn out I was eating rubbish much of the time though.

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