I’m getting ready for our choir week, which will be in Hereford this year. I’ll be staying with my parents in Leominster and commuting into the city every day. From Monday, we’ll be singing Evensong every day. Our music list is now here on the Cathedral’s website.

Greatly looking forward to the week. The music will be a real challenge this year as much of it is new to me. There are at least six pieces of music on the list that I have never sung or heard before – maybe even more. I don’t even know Monday night’s music, so it’s going to be a steep learning curve on the first day alone!

At the end of last year, I took the cassock home so that I could clean it (after five years of singing in it on hot summer days it didn’t smell good) and so that I could move the buttons around.

I’ve changed shape since I first started using it, and it no longer fitted very well after last year’s week. Happily there’s loads of spare material in a cassock, so just repositioning the buttons means it fits again.


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