My new sig

People who send messages to usenet often append a four line bon mot to the bottom of their posts, called a signature or sig.

I fill mine with random quotes from things I’ve seen, heard or read that have just tickled me in some sort of way. I used to update it every few weeks, but I think this has become an example of how time is passing faster these days.

For the last two years, nearly, I’ve had a sig taken from the Narnia film. “We’re not heroes! We’re from Finchley!”

But something I heard on something I was watching today has made me change it again.

I came to find you, Gabriel. My name is Chandra Suresh. I’m a geneticist. I have a theory about human evolution, and I believe you are a part of it.


2 comments on “My new sig

  1. Rullsenberg says:

    I just KNEW that cheerleader looked familiar.

    Is the uniform under your bed?


    Good line though…

  2. niles says:

    No, no! I’m Peter Petrelli!

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