Nottingham on TV

Nottingham’s been on the telly a lot recently – or at least it’s been on ours!  Two fictional characters in two days have said they’re from Nottingham.

First John Smith, the human that Dr Who turns into in the most recent episode, said he was from “a house in Broadmarsh,” but for plot reasons couldn’t remember a great deal about it.

Then last night, we watched V for Vendetta – a bleak vision of a totalitarian future for a Britain kept on its knees in fear of terrorism, where the government bans free protest, locks up and tortures its own citizens, routinely spies on them, and prevents them from criticising the authorities.  In it, there was a lesbian character who found herself removed from her flat, locked away in a prison, has her hair shaved off, and is eventually murdered.  She was from a “a farm in Nottingham, Tottlebrook,” which made us both double-take a little.

Incidentally, I’ve started using Flixster on Facebook to record movies seen, ratings and reviews.  It seems really good – and will be even better when they sort out their engine properly to merge “Flixster-on-Facebook” with their main website so that we can have the full functionality without having to be on Facebook.

One comment on “Nottingham on TV

  1. Rullsenberg says:

    I have to say the selection of Nottingham for the Doctor Who script (since it wasn’t that in the original book on which the two-part story was based) was very welcome and amusing in our house.

    It was, according to writer Paul Cornell (who adapted his original book for the script and who recently wrote for the Robin Hood series), the choice of RTD in agreement with David Tennant in order to have the character retain his ‘English’ accent.

    I can’t recall if the V for Vendetta thing was in the original graphic novel: I’ll have to check that.

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