Last night’s dinner

Last night’s dinner was salmon parcels made with blanched fennel and carrot and accompanied by vegan supergrain quinoa.

And it was a bit disappointing.

It feels like all of Abel & Cole’s fennel recipes are there to mask the actual taste of fennel.  Or maybe cooking it at all destroys the aniseedy flavour that I really like (It comes raw in Lambarelli’s “Italian Salad” boxes)  Even blanching the chopped fennel for a few minutes was enough to take away most of the flavour, so whilst the salmon could really have taken on the flavour, it was a little disappointing.

And the quinoa.  I have previously thought of this as “kwin-oh-uh”, but the box informs me that it should be pronounced “keen-wah”.  It was a bit boring, so I will have to look at more interesting ways of cooking it in future – this bulghar pilaf recipe would probably work just as well with quinoa as bulghar wheat.

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One comment on “Last night’s dinner

  1. Serena says:

    Try putting the fennel in the parcel unblanched. I’ve often had parcels like this, with salmon, sliced onion, chopped red pepper and sliced fennel but I’ve never bothered blanching the fennel (or any of the other veg) first. I also suspect that the olives and capers might swamp the flavour of the fennel.

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