Fruitful bank holiday weekend

Well, what with all the rain and everything, I’ve barely ventured out this weekend. I’ve had a lovely relaxing time playing with my computer, watching The Sopranos for the first time, and, this afternoon, adding the Wii numbers of 30 or so acquaintances from a gay social networking site to my own Wii in the hope of increasing the numbers of Miis in my Parade.

Saturday evening was also spent with friends and their six-month old baby, which was lovely.

So, not a whole lot done, as far as I’m concerned. P however was determined to achieve something with his time off, and kept indoors by the weather turned his thoughts to DIY. Emboldened by friends of ours who have recently removed a stone fireplace, and colleagues of his who lent him a big hammer and chisel combo, he set to work on our own stone fireplace.

This is what was there when we moved in:


It was rather more cluttered by the time P removed it! The woodburner is electric, but the flue is real.

This was halfway through. It was a surprisingly quiet process – I was upstairs and didn’t hear much more than tapping.


Here’s a closeup of the rather delightful wallpaper revealed in the process:


And here’s what it looked like when he was done.


The sofa didn’t quite fit, but is probably going to stay there, because the room feels an awful lot bigger now! The ugly flue pipe is mostly gone. There is a remaining cosmetic job to do to remove the box at the top and repaper the bottom half. The previous owners actually left a couple of spare rolls of wallpaper that match, so that shouldn’t be too difficult.

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