Two dreams

Last night, I had two weird dreams in quick succession that have stayed with me for an hour or two.

In the first one, in a house I was living in, I found out by measuring that there was an extra room that had been bricked up. When I got into the room, I found it was full of Lostlike electronics equipment and various spying things like old video cameras, still working, blinking lights, the works. There was a monitor and a VCR so I hit play to see what was being taped, and…

… it was a music video for a Wham-alike band of 80s male singers with bleached, brushed back hair like Spike from Buffy. And the video started with a comet going across the night sky.

Strange. So, after the alarm went off, I fell asleep again and this time dreamed I was in some sort of lecture / seminar room at the top of either the Eiffel Tower or the Empire State building or something like that, with the viewing platform visible through a window out of the corner of my eye. Rather than paying attention to the lecture I was distracted by the public, including one young woman in a chavvy red coat and a little girl of 5 or 6 in a little pink puffer jacket. Woman was encouraging girl to climb up the scaffolding to get higher than mummy. So woman climbed up the scaffolding and waved her arms – “Look how high mummy is, can you get higher?”. Little girl then climbed scaffolding and waved both her arms around.

It’s pretty obvious where this is headed, isn’t it?

Mummy at that point fell off, and the dream cut to the classic movie shot of person falling, from directly above, flailing arms and legs and screams.

And little girl thinks it’s a game and throws herself off laughing and chuckling.

And thankfully, that’s where I woke up.

One comment on “Two dreams

  1. manda says:

    Good lord. Less cheese before bedtime, young man.

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