Backing Borrowman

I’m very pleased to see Duncan Borrowman coming out top of today’s head-to-head of websites of aspiring Greater London Assembly candidates.

I can’t remember if I knew Duncan before the Leicester South by-election, but that’s certainly where I’ve spent longest in his company. I was data-monkey and he was drafting target letters so we had to work together. I got to proofread the tabloid newspaper-style leaflets he can produce in a startling short amount of time – I even got sent out at one point to take the key photos for a front page story condemning the closure of a local secondary school. Years later, the site was still occupied by nothing more than a boarded-up secondary school…

Since then, I’ve bumped into Borrowman across the country at various different by-election campaigns, training sessions and conferences. He’s the party’s premier artworker and shares his knowledge wherever he can. Some of his top-tips learned in PagePlus have now become part of my daily routines when I’m laying out leaflets myself.

I unfortunately missed out on the chance to see him in action campaigning for a London seat during the Bromley by-election by being on holiday abroad at the crucial point, but the text message exchange I had with him ahead of polling day demonstrates his sense of humour and his drive to get more Lib Dems elected:

“Come and help in Bromley, it’s really close”

“I can’t, I’m holiday in France”

“France is right next to Kent, you’ve no excuse!”

As a campaigner, he’s one of the party’s top guys. He’d be good news for the party and good news for the capital as one of our Assembly members. He just missed out on getting on the list last time (in fact, if one of our Assembly members were to drop dead, he’d be next in line for a job) I wish him all the best in the GLA selection battle. I know if I were voting in London, he’d be top of my list.

5 comments on “Backing Borrowman

  1. Thank you 🙂 Ah those Leicester laser printers, how I loved the time I got the spacing wrong on a letter, that was in envelopes when we noticed and I had to go for a long walk.
    As you will see I have thanked my fans at the Academy award presentation.

  2. niles says:

    Ho, yuss, I remember that mergejob too!

    Unfortch ringing endorsements aren’t exactly something you can do subtly. I don’t know how much sway I have with the selecting public in London, but all the best!

  3. Sarah says:

    Vote Borrowman!

  4. niles says:

    Well, clearly I do have some sway!

  5. Grace says:

    Yes he is rather good isn’t he? I voted for him 8)

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