Party training


Spending the weekend in Birmingham on a party course learning how to use PagePlus – and look what that nice Duncan Borrowman has taught us to do.

I’ve been using the program for over a year now, and I’m pretty au fait with most of it, but there are still brilliant nuggets of information that I hadn’t figured out for myself.

We’re sitting in a room with our own laptops and source images, so every now and again, an instruction is “Find an image, do this, do that and voila.”

I suspect none of my constituents are going to be too chuffed to be sent pictures of my cats. It’s bad enough we do it here on the blog all the time.

4 comments on “Party training

  1. Jock says:

    That isn’t the corporate font!

    I’ve moved over to Scribus.

  2. Grace says:

    The taecher will give you extra marks for cat related work….

  3. Grace says:

    Oh c’mon – more cat pics! I am on the sette with my lovely two as I type. Mr Simba says “hhhhhhhhhhmmmm, brrrrp”.

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