Gay fête

Gay fête

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Well, the gay fête, sorry homo homemakers’ Autumn Fayre was rather lovely, and very competetitely priced. Lots of stalls, including Tupperware, homemade jam, allotment produce, a knitting group called Stitch and Bitch, and a rather pretty young man demonstrating cookery: “make your own mayonnaise, gaspacho and bloody mary.” Lovely.

There was also a BFI archive film about Women’s Institutes, filmed in the 1940s, that was rather twee. But did you know WI was a Canadian import? I’d assumed it was a quintessentially English institution.

I stayed about an hour, then started to feel my provincial weight in a crowd of city guys with 26″ waists. Lots of perfect tans and expensive shoes slumming it with the homespun produce.

Awful lot of pretty young men with beards. Don’t tell me face fungus is fashionable. It looks better on them than me.


One comment on “Gay fête

  1. Andrew says:

    Glad you had a good time, I sold some Tupperware and arranged quite a few parties. I agree the gazpacho guy was adorable.

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