Off t’smoke tomorrow

Off to London for a flying visit tomorrow, to go to this rather unusual sounding event, see Titus Andronicus at the Globe and get a chance to look at my brother’s new flat.

I’ve wanted to see Titus Andronicus live, ooh, ever since seeing Theatre of Blood. I have a dim recollection of seeing a great film version at the Broadway, but I can’t wait to see how they do this on stage:

“Enter the empress’ sons with Lavinia, her hands cut off, and her tongue cut out, and ravished.”

Last summer, during my sabatical at St Paul’s, I popped over the river to see Pericles at the Globe, a very interesting staging with the actors swinging together on ropes for the sea voyages, and using the whole building. I took photos while I was there, which you can see here, but it looks like I was mostly just concentrating on snapping cute people in the audience.

This time the weather is set to be terrible. Although I enjoyed being a groundling last time (using a cheap ticket where you stand throughout the performance) I did find it knackering, particularly on a day when I’d already been standing or walking around London a lot, so I have secured us actual seats. How will the groundlings cope with being rained on? Will we stay dry even in a covered seat?


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