Rosie Winterton


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I took this rather nice picture of the Rosie Winterton MP, Minster of State for Health Services, the other week. It’s now in the public domain with an attribution, non-commercial licence, so if you want to use it, don’t charge for it and give me a credit. Large version on Flickr.

Bad puns

Monday was Full Council, which turned into quite a hostile debate on a number of issues. The mood in the Chamber was bad, so I didn’t get to do my pun about the Appointment and Conditions of Service Ctte report about from tiny ACOS, mighty oak trees grow.

There was also a report about the Gambling Act, and how it will affect Nottingham, with reference to the Local Authorities Co-ordinators of Regulatory Services, so we also nearly had mighty oak trees growing from tiny LACORS, too.

But given how my attempt at levity in the incinerator debate went down – my few words on the irony of standing in a roasting chamber filled with hot air and heated debate whilst talking about an incinerator met with stony silence – it’s probably just as well I didn’t get to my feet any earlier.

Precarious Fudge

Precarious Fudge

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F has an alarming tendency to sit at the very top of this first floor window to get the air and menace small birdies. P thinks he is in imminent danger of losing his footing and plunging to his death, but I think he has more sense. Since we also have an insect problem – large buzzy things and small whiney things have a tendency to come in at dawn and startle us awake – we’re vaguely thinking of getting some sort of screen.



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Something in my garden has berries on it. I wonder if they’re edible? They’re very hard at the moment, and they don’t look like anything I’ve ever eaten before. I don’t recall seeing any fruit at all in the garden when we first looked round it (now almost a year ago! Eep, time flies!)

Google vid bug

OK, now I have one or two other video clips I might like to share, like this one.

Again, upside down! Why? Why can’t I embed googlevideo objects in WordPress posts? Why?

So many questions.

EDIT: Ryan has put me right on at least one thing — upload the 3GP file directly to GV and not only is it quicker, it’s also the right way up. Here’s a new link to the clip posted earlier.


I’m not normally competitve, but an email came in tonight that set me against the clock and racing against other activists.

Earlier in the day, an email came to a Lib Dem computer list saying that there was a new video clip on our website of Ming talking about the environment. It was using Google Video, a technology hitherto unfeatured on

This spurred a colleague to feature the same video on

Which in turn spurred the company that provides these clever, self-updating websites to put out an information bulletin about the facility and issue a challenge: the first site to put on a video clip they had made themselves gets a month free hosting.

Received that email at 7.20pm.

Clip on by 8.05pm.

Getting it done entailed recording it on my phone, emailing it to myself, converting from phone format to a format that Google Video can read. (This program worked, the first two I tried didn’t.) Uploading to GV, then putting the code on the website. Somehow, the clip has got turned upsidedown. It was fine when it left my computer.