I’m not normally competitve, but an email came in tonight that set me against the clock and racing against other activists.

Earlier in the day, an email came to a Lib Dem computer list saying that there was a new video clip on our website of Ming talking about the environment. It was using Google Video, a technology hitherto unfeatured on

This spurred a colleague to feature the same video on

Which in turn spurred the company that provides these clever, self-updating websites to put out an information bulletin about the facility and issue a challenge: the first site to put on a video clip they had made themselves gets a month free hosting.

Received that email at 7.20pm.

Clip on by 8.05pm.

Getting it done entailed recording it on my phone, emailing it to myself, converting from phone format to a format that Google Video can read. (This program worked, the first two I tried didn’t.) Uploading to GV, then putting the code on the website. Somehow, the clip has got turned upsidedown. It was fine when it left my computer.

4 comments on “Competitiveness

  1. Ryan Cullen says:

    Why did you convert the 3GP file? Google should be able to do it for you (well it did for me last week).

  2. niles says:

    Would have been a lot quicker, but it wasn’t listed in the supported formats on the upload page.

    3GP is a lot smaller … must go and play…

  3. niles says:

    Rats! Much quicker — and the right way up.

  4. […] Following all the other video activity on other Lib Dem blogs, I’ve been going on a bit of video frenzy to see what might be the best way to make Lib Dem videos. I’ve also used the Democracy Plug-In and Democracy Widget to set up an online poll to get your point of view. […]

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