Rosie Winterton


Originally uploaded by nilexuk.

I took this rather nice picture of the Rosie Winterton MP, Minster of State for Health Services, the other week. It’s now in the public domain with an attribution, non-commercial licence, so if you want to use it, don’t charge for it and give me a credit. Large version on Flickr.

5 comments on “Rosie Winterton

  1. niles says:

    Oooh, look, we’re today’s caption competition over at Guido. And he played by the attribution rules, too. Yay Guido!

  2. Guido Fawkes says:

    Of course.

    Have you done your caption?

  3. […] Rosie Winterton may look back on an eventful few months but even she looked refreshed as she began her summer. She revealed that her favourite read of the moment is a Western. ‘I do like a man in a Stetson,’ she purred somewhat dreamily. ‘I can imagine a pair of calf length boots, a belt and buckle, and perhaps even a set of spurs.’ Ms. Winterton did admit that she carefully chooses the books she takes on holiday with her. ‘I chose my current read because I find that in other types of book, things get wrapped up too conveniently at the end. Why should the bad guy always get his comeuppance?’ […]

  4. David B says:

    Thanks for releasing this into the public domain. Hope you don’t mind the very slight alteration I’ve made to make it suitable for my site. 🙂

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