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Hedgehog Carbonara?

Hedgehog spaghetti carbonara (serves four)

500g spaghetti, 30ml olive oil, 250g lean hedgehog, 1 medium onion (chopped), 125ml water, 60ml dry white wine, 4 eggs, 60ml double cream, 100g grated parmesan cheese

· chop hedgehog into small chunks

· beat eggs and cream together in a bowl. Add half the parmesan cheese

· put pasta in boiling water

· put onions and hedgehog chunks in pan with olive oil on medium heat until onions are almost clear

· add wine and reduce heat

· drain pasta when cooked, combine it with egg, cream and cheese mix

· add meat, onions and wine without draining fat and mix thoroughly

· garnish with remaining parmesan. Serve immediately

3 comments on “Who's for…

  1. Stephen says:

    chop hedgehog into small chunks

    I think that we need a bit more than this. Should the hedgehog be alive or dead at this point? Should the spimes be on or of, and if the latter, how does one despine a hedgehog? What happened to just baking it in clay? Come to think of it,

    250g lean hedgehog

    Which way should it lean? Left, or right? How far? In my experience most hedgehogs are somewhat middle of the road.

  2. niles says:

    Hmmm. I see your difficulty. I was working on the assumption that you went to the butcher and asked for prime hedgehog breast that had already been deboned and despined.

  3. Stephen says:

    Butchers don’t sell hedgehog, they sell hedgepork. Not that there’s much eating on a rack of hedgepork chops.

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