Back on the train

Back on the train

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On Tuesday some weird shaped orange thing started flashing on my dashboard and the whole car started shuddering when idle. The light turned out to be the toxic fume filter warning light, so I phoned the dealer who cheerfully told me that the car would try and regenerate the filter by itself if I drove over 50 mph for a while. I was dubious of this but promised to spend some time on the motorway caning it. Which I duly did. The car got worse and worse while I did so and really struggled to get to *coff* 70. This morning, it would barely start. Now it has a warning light saying “check injection” so back to the dealer it goes and back on the train go I. At least that gave me a chance to get them to replace the handbrake and repair some paint chips. Thank goodness for lifetime warranty.


3 comments on “Back on the train

  1. Nick chatt says:

    Alex that is dreadful and its new you should have stuck with good old skoda less things to go wrong with them

  2. Iain Dale says:

    Well don’t say I didn’t warn you… I didn’t? Well I should have. Vorsprung durch Technik. That’s the way to go. Jowohl mein Herr.

  3. niles says:

    “Jowohl” ? klingt etwas Bayrisch aus?

    Ich glaube immer noch, ich hatte mich kein Audi leisten koenen.

    Urgh. I haven’t written anything in German for too long and I don’t think that came out quite right.

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