Brighton hotels

I still haven’t booked my hotel for Lib Dem conference in Brighton this year.

Every time I fire up Google to try and find a suitable location, I get overwhelmed with a vast sense of desparation and put it off until some other time.

They all seem much more expensive than the first time I went to conference down there, when I stayed in a lovely little place with homemade jam for breakfast, and room with four beds in and just little old me.  I have no recollection at all how far from the conference centre it was.
What I can remember is staggering home drunk every night and making a flavoursome concoction by mixing coffee and hot chocolate sachets from the stand with the kettle.

I also spotted, that time, that there were lots and lots of hotels in the vicinity with signs saying “Rooms available – rates starting at £50” — so I resolved the following time not to book accommodation in advance but trundle along the seafront with my wheelie suitcase and find something suitable on arrival.

Big mistake, as when I tried to do that, even the places with signs in the window saying £50 were telling me that in conference week, their basic rate was more like £150.

In the end, I did find a seafront hotel with budget rates, but it was a complete fleapit with a desperately uncomfortable beds, and paper thin walls.  Two nights in a row a man and a woman had a very loud, very unpleasant argument, and I didn’t get a wink of sleep.

That particular stay ended very well, though, because my then boss had paid for a room in the Hilton conference hotel but was unable to use it for the whole week.  I was able to move into the vacated room for the last few days.  It was rather superb.  A vast suite with a sea front and a balcony and more floor space than my house. I suspect all my neighbours would have been MPs and MEPs.

This time, there’s no way I can afford to stay at the conference hotel since it’s charging significantly over £100 a night.  So I’m looking for a nice little hotel that preferably has free wifi and a kettle in the room (I don’t mind — in fact I probably prefer — taking my own tea and coffee) and a bed I can actually sleep on, not a million miles from the conference centre and not megabucks during conference week.  And not fully booked already!


5 comments on “Brighton hotels

  1. Peter Black says:

    There is a website that you can use to book Conference accomodation. It is I used google maps to identify locations. E-mail me for the pin number and password. The downside is that I used it to book my accomodation about a week ago and have still not had confirmation.

  2. Hi, I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I decided to leave a comment with your latest blog entry. I just finished listening to your Librivox recording of The Mysterious Affair at Styles and wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it! The pace was fantastic, you kept the characters’ voices consistent, and the sound quality was decent (it really picked up after the eighth chapter — did you get new equipment?). So thank you for providing me with several hours’ worth of entertainment!

  3. […] Those of you who have been waiting with baited breath will no doubt be delighted to know that I have fixed my accommodation problem for the Brighton Lib Dem conference, and booked a nice looking Gwesty which Googlemaps assures me is 0.9 miles from the conference centre.  This was achieved thanks to the Conference Delegates Booking Bureau, Peter’s suggestion, almost entirely by email. Which was nice. […]

  4. The best place for a conference has to be without a single doubt Brighton Thistle Hotel

    check it out here

  5. niles says:

    Yeah, I’ve always thought that place looks amazing, but I think it’s way outside what I can afford.

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