Sandringham’s long-range forecast is looking great now.

Just yesterday, it still had for Friday, which didn’t seem good for putting up tents. But that’s all gone. Of course, as veterans of Shell Island‘s microclimate, we don’t trust the long-rage WHATSOEVER. Our tent still shows the damage Force 8 winds can do.

We’ve decided to leave late on Thursday night, put up at the Linton Travel Tavern, have breakfast on a Big Plate before sauntering into Sandringham as soon as the camp site opens. Save ourselves having to drive so much during B. Hol traffic.

I’ve been to do the stocking up on camping food for this year. I’ve bought forty-quidsworth of various canned meats, coronation chicken, tinned veggies, tinned fruit, cereal variety packs, fruit juice and long life milk bricks. We probably won’t eat very much of it in Sandringham, as the whole gang of us (three couples, two tents and a caravan) seem to be planning on eating in pubs, supermarkets and barbecues over the weekend. Pubs? Supermarkets? Over a bank holiday weekend? It’ll all end in tears, hence the survival pack of tinned protein.

Whatever we don’t eat in Sandringham will last for the next camping trips over the summer. We’re currently planning one or two big gay trips to Shell Island, and a week in Normandy to celebrate some cix friends of mine opening a vegan gite at Cerisy La Foret only a handful of miles from my friends in Calvados.

Note to self – don’t forget tin opener. And don’t forget the booze.  Sleeping is going to be hard enough!

3 comments on “Sandringham

  1. Leigh says:

    Last Easter we had no kitchen for the full 4 days and managed to find places to eat for every meal!

    That said, K and I have gone a bit food mad and could probably live off what we’ve bought for 4 days as well.

  2. Kathryn says:

    You can never be too prepared…

  3. JonXYZ says:

    Marvellous, do let me know which Shell’s you plan on attending, i’m going to do one or two of them i expect and it’d be good to catch up with you and P

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